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It's critical that you inspect your roof.  Roof maintenance is often ignored and small problems with a roof can lead to some of the most costly home repairs.

Roof Maintenance Tips: What to look for

All Types of Roofs

  • Clean all debris from the surface of the roof.  This includes debris that has gathered behind HVAC units and any other roof penetrations.  Debris has a tendency to hold water and water will expedite roof deterioration.
  • Trim any branches that hare hanging over the roof to prevent damage and debris from accumulating on your roof.
  • Keep all gutters, downspouts, drains and scuppers free of all debris.  You can water test them to make sure they are draining properly.
  • Inspect metal areas for rust.
  • Inspect all flashings and make sure that they are not deteriorated.
  • Check the mortar/stucco around chimneys and parapet walls.

Asphalt Shingles/Wood Shakes/Shingles

  • Look for missing, damaged or curling shingles and any other signs of wear and tear.

Built-Up Roof and Modified Bitumen Roofs

  • If your roof has gravel surfacing look for bare spots that will allow debris and water to gather.
  • Check for blisters in the roof. DO NOT STEP ON OR PUNCTURE THEM.

Single-Ply Roofs

  • With a single-ply roof you have only one layer of protection, so if a nail head gets stepped on and penetrates that one layer, there will eventually be a leak.
  • Check the seams to make sure they are not coming apart.
  • Check the edge metal and make sure it is not separating at the seams.
  • Check for bubbles and blisters in the roof.  DO NOT STEP ON OR PUNCTURE THEM.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roof (SPF)

  • Keep an eye on any blisters you see.  If they get large enough that they split open, you will need a contractor to repair them.  DO NOT STEP ON OR PUNCTURE THEM.
  • Look for any splits, punctures or other forms of damage to the roof surface.
  • Any yellow exposed foam should be covered with elastomeric coating.  Polyurethane foam roofs require regular maintenance and recoats.